Adelaide Crows Logo & Song Mug

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Adelaide Crows Song & Logo Ceramic Mug

Featuring the Adelaide Crows logo on one side with the blue front and the official Adelaide Crows song lyrics on the other side so you can now sing along at home during every game.


Adelaide Crows Song Lyrics 

We're the pride of South Australia
And we're known as the Adelaide Crows.
We're courageous, stronger, and faster
And respected by our foes

Admiration of the nation
Our determination shows.
We're the pride of South Australia
We're the mighty Adelaide Crows

We give our best from coast to coast,
Where the story will be told,
As we fight the rugged battles.
The flag will be our goal.

Our skill and nerve will see us through.
Our commitment ever grows.
We're the pride of South Australia.
We're the mighty Adelaide Crows!

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