Adelaide Crows AFLW Womens Indigenous Tee (NO RETURN OR EXCHANGE)

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Adelaide Crows AFLW Indigenous Tee (Womens) – designed by Pat Caruso

100% Cotton, Classic Fit


The Aboriginal adaptation of the crow has pride of place at the centre of the guernsey, a powerhouse of strength. The crow is created from hands and smudged fingerprints representing the team, members, staff, supporters who make up the Adelaide Crows community.

Aboriginal male and female symbols sit on its wings, symbolising men’s and women’s players coming together to support, encourage and flourish.

The crow is the hero – taking flight, striving, pushing, fighting for the same goal: VICTORY.

Proudly adorned the crow’s chest is the Kaurna shield, symbolising strength, pride, protection and the pursuit of competition.

The crow is encircled by layers of many circles of different sizes, colours, and shapes, symbolic of a meeting place and the Crows community coming together on a shared journey.

Spears painted in the Crows colours are placed on the top of the community circle, at the ready. The Adelaide Crows are fierce warriors, ready for battle.

A secondary Kaurna shield stands tall at the base of the flight path, surrounded by the footprints of the Crows family whose relentless, consistent, and hardworking attitudes propels the Crows forward.

The shape, reminiscent of the peace symbol, represent the shared journey of reconciliation, diversity and inclusion.

The background holds much symbolism. The blue shapes sweeping from the top to the bottom represent the Adelaide Hills, the plains and the coastline. Within the water echo the voices of the past. They are the ancestors connecting with us, whispering messages, and are relevant today.

Located at the bottom right and left hand corners are multi-coloured concentric circles. These represent our past ancestors’ wisdom. This wisdom echoes powerfully through time, just like the oceans and currents that they are featured in.

Where we come from is just as important as where we’re going – the back of the guernsey is testament to this.

Feathers adorn the left, right and lower back of the guernsey – the wearer is ready to take flight.

The layered fingerprints that encircle the guernsey reiterate the messaging of the many coming together, a shared journey, uplifting each other, igniting the passion for the team and game.

The Kaurna shield standing tall with the spear sends a message to those who follow; we are relentless, we seek competition, we are a tribe, and we will win.

The female and male Aboriginal symbols and hand prints represent the many people who make up the Adelaide Crows.

The coastline continues across the lower back within the background. Water is an important part of who we are as a people and the trails of footprints are symbolic of the journey taken and the one that is to come.


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