e-Gift Card Terms and Conditions

e-Gift card terms and conditions, Infinite Retail.

These Terms and Conditions govern the use and operation of your CROWmania e-Gift Card.

1. Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions

1.1 You agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions by purchasing, activating, using or attempting to use your CROWmania e-Gift Card or making any transactional query.

1.2 By using a CROWmania e-Gift Card, you warrant to us that you will comply with these Terms and Conditions and all applicable laws and that your CROWmania e-Gift Card will not be used in any manner which is unlawful, misleading, deceptive or unfair.

1.3 If you are giving a CROWmania e-Gift Card to another person, you must ensure that the recipient of the CROWmania e-Gift Card is aware of the Terms and Conditions that apply to the CROWmania e-Gift Card and the relevant expiry date.

1.4 INFINITE RETAIL Pty Ltd reserves the right to amend all or part of these Terms and Conditions at any time.  

2. Purchasing a CROWmania e-Gift Card

2.1 CROWmania e-Gift Card can only be purchased online at URL.

2.2 The minimum and maximum value which can be loaded on to each CROWmania e-Gift Card may change from time to time.

2.4 Once a CROWmania e-Gift Card has been purchased, it cannot be refunded.  

2.5 CROWmania is not liable for any e-Gift Card cards purchased through any online sites.

3. Redeeming a CROWmania e-Gift Card

3.1 CROWmania e-Gift Cards can be redeemed at CROWmania. Any value redeemed will be deducted from the available balance.  

3.2 If your purchase/s exceed the available balance on your CROWmania e-Gift Card, you must pay the excess using another method of payment.  

3.3 CROWmania e-Gift Card are valid for 36 months from the date of purchase.  Our record of your expiry date is final.  Once your CROWmania e-Gift Card has expired the CROWmania e-Gift Card cannot be re-activated and any unspent value cannot be used or redeemed by you.  

3.4 Once a CROWmania e-Gift Card has been purchased and loaded with value or when the CROWmania e-Gift Card card has reached a $0 balance, no further value can be added to it.  

3.5 CROWmania e-Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for cash.  No cash advances will be made at any time.

3.6 You do not need to use the entire available balance in one transaction.  No change will be given, however, the remaining available balance may be applied to future purchases until the CROWmania e-Gift Card expires or the balance reaches $0.  

4. Transaction Information

4.1 You can check the expiry date, available balance and transaction history of your e-Gift Card by visiting CROWmania .com.au
5. Lost or Stolen e-Gift Cards

5.1 You should treat your CROWmania e-Gift Card like cash.

5.2 CROWmania e-Gift Cards cannot be replaced or refunded if lost, stolen or damaged.  

5.3 We reserve the right to place a stop on your CROWmania e-Gift Card if:
(a) you report that your CROWmania e-Gift Card has been lost, stolen or damaged; or
(b) we believe (or reasonably suspect) that you have used (or will use) your CROWmania e-Gift Card contrary to these Terms and Conditions.

5.4 At our absolute discretion, we may change our policies and procedures on lost, stolen or damaged CROWmania e-Gift Cards.  If we decide to do this, we will publish details on our website.  

6. Errors and Complaints

6.1 If you wish to dispute an amount deducted from your CROWmania e-Gift Card, you must contact our Customer Service Team.  If an amount is not disputed within ninety (90) days after the transaction date, we may (at our sole discretion) refuse to provide you with a refund.

6.2 If you have a problem or complaint about your CROWmania e-Gift Card or these Terms and Conditions, please contact our Customer Service Team.